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 Will your company’s top talent stay that way?

Every business problem is a talent problem, and talent problems are my area of expertise.

You have a talent problem if….

  • You don’t have a cohesive team that is successfully executing your vision
  • Your team’s potential isn’t translating into performance
  • You’re not attracting top talent (A players)
  • Your employees are not taking responsibility for their impact and influence
  • You’re training your competition
  • Your direct reports are letting obstacles interfere with their ability to lead
  • Your employees are disengaged
  • Your employees lack the confidence to take healthy risks

I have a passion for partnering with innovative, forwarding-thinking, and passionate clients to create and implement solutions that will optimize employee talent.

The development of human potential, the creation of leaders, is both an art and a science. It takes great skill. It’s deliberate. It takes time. It’s messy. I love it!

 Sound familiar? Give me a call and let’s start working on some solutions.
You can reach me today at 425.429.3636 or nancy@NancyDSolomon.com. I look forward to hearing from you!



There is a difference in the world that only you can make!

You are not alone in the way you feel. The single most significant driver of human behavior is the need to make a difference, to have an impact.

Your potential is the raw goods. Your impact is what you create with it.

Unless you give your potential your full and deliberate attention, there is no written guarantee that it will magically turn into something significant. Your potential didn’t come with an owner’s manual; it’s up to you to uniquely and consciously take the unfettered ingredients of your life and create a masterpiece with it. Or not.

You’re not making the biggest difference you can if…

  • Your goals aren’t clear
  • You don’t do what you love
  • You don’t have a strategy to succeed
  • Your limiting beliefs are preventing your success
  • You’re not using your potential
  • You’re off-purpose
  • You’re not recognized for your value and contributions
  • You don’t earn what you deserve
  • You’re ignoring your intuition
  • You’re passed over for promotions

It’s your life! Let me help you make the most of it!

Let’s connect today!
You can reach me at 425.429.3636 or nancy@NancyDSolomon.com. I look forward to hearing from you!


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