What can this little parrot teach you about YOUR potential?

What can this little parrot teach you about YOUR potential? Prefer to listen? This is Zazu. He’s one of three new-born green-cheeked conures (small parrots) that we recently adopted. Zazu is only 5 weeks old and has already taught me a ton about how to realize potential. (I’ve never hand fed an animal before and am amazed at how much I learn in the 10 minutes it takes me.) Every day I watch these 2 oz. creatures evolve. Every day they do something they c...
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We Are Just One Circumstance Away From Doing Anything

Potential to do Anything Prefer to listen? An MP3 download and Transcription are available at the end of this post. We are all just one circumstance away from doing anything. Every time I say that a few people vigorously shake their heads in a horizontal dance; “Not me!” they say. I would never steal a car. I would never jeopardize my family. I would never become addicted to drugs. I would never gamble away my life savings. But ...
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“What’s Right With You? What’s Right With the World?” How to instantly transform your impact.

What's right? “What’s right with you?” is one of my favorite Solomonisms. It’s a different kind of question, isn’t it? And, once asked, it never fails to stop a person in their tracks. Why? Because as optimistic and upbeat as we’d like to think we are, we’re used to people finding fault before favor. It’s a cultural tendency and, might I add, a habit that would serve us to break. The question, “What’s right with you?” helps people open...
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How to Turn Your Unrealized Potential into Results You Can Be Proud of

IMG_1471 OR ... Why You Bought $14 B in Self-Help Books Last Year (and, for the most part, it was a waste) ‘Potential’ is a spring-loaded word: It either triggers fear or inspires action. Potent, sitting smack at the beginning of the word potential, means that something or someone has great power, influence or effect. Add three little letters (ial) and, curiously, potential becomes a diluted version of its root: It means possibility, capability, late...
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DIY. Seriously? Really?

Happiness & Success copy Recently I spoke with a woman who was looking for a coach to help her get promoted. She’d worked in this company for fourteen years and hadn’t been promoted in the last twelve. Ugh! We had a very productive strategy session during which I helped her discover the ways in which she was standing in the way of her own success. We also developed a 3-step action plan for her to turn things around and get to the next level. The connection betw...
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FEAR: The number one reason you don’t have what you want

Frightened People There are a multitude of reasons we fail to turn our brilliant ideas, our intellectual capital into actionable items and bottom line results. The two biggies are, predictably, fear (90%) and timing (10%). Everyone experiences fear. “Getting It Done” people have the identical fears as the “Talking it to Death” folks. And the quantity of fear doesn’t vary much between the groups either. I know, I know, all of us have met people who ...
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Confessions of a Cyber-Challenged Woman…or (as my mother told me) God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Confessions of a cyber challenged If the question is: Where have you been, Nancy? Then the answer is: “Cibernating” (as in hibernating in cyberspace). For all of you who’ve wondered where I disappeared to the past three weeks (yikes!) I want to first thank you for missing me. I missed you too. Next, I want to respectfully request that you reframe from contacting the blog police. I know, I know, those of us who are serious about growing our businesses must c...
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A Hard Pill to Swallow?

original (5369) Today my nine-year-old daughter made her first attempt at swallowing a ‘grown up’ pill. The sting that sealed her eye shut necessitated the antibiotic, and she swore she was old enough to give up liquid ‘baby medicine.’ She and I had an orientation of sorts—me giving her step-by-step instructions on how to effortlessly swallow a pill. Before she even attempted this ‘first’, she began to seriously fuss, whine and whimper as she wh...
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The Age of Happiness

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image22427419 Today I learned that the publishing industry has decided that the market is glutted with books on happiness. Hmm, given the current state of affairs on Earth, I personally think that there are no amount of books on happiness that would be too many. But, then again, I’m in the business of coaching people to happiness, so I may be more than a bit biased. I did a quick search on Amazon. com which revealed that there are about 474K titles with t...
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