The Best Day to Make a Difference

Sep26     Let's begin with a bit of history... September 11th You know exactly where you were when you heard the news. You remember precisely how you felt… how you still feel. It was the day that the heart of the world cracked open. Nothing has been the same since. In fact, everything has radically intensified, hasn't it?  Have you noticed how much more drama there is in life? How life's polarities  have become more pronounced? How sim...
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What Martin Luther King Jr. Knew About The Secret

sunshine Yesterday I was preparing to do a couple of guest spots on Seattle’s new SmartTalk radio program, Sunrise Seattle. In celebration of Martin Luther King Day, I’d proposed that we do the segment based on “I Have a Dream.” In preparation for the show I watched (for the twentieth time) Dr. King deliver his most renowned speech; the one that would prove to transform our nation (August 28, 1963). Once again, it transformed me. Watching it thi...
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We Are Just One Circumstance Away From Doing Anything

Potential to do Anything Prefer to listen? An MP3 download and Transcription are available at the end of this post. We are all just one circumstance away from doing anything. Every time I say that a few people vigorously shake their heads in a horizontal dance; “Not me!” they say. I would never steal a car. I would never jeopardize my family. I would never become addicted to drugs. I would never gamble away my life savings. But ...
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“What’s Right With You? What’s Right With the World?” How to instantly transform your impact.

What's right? “What’s right with you?” is one of my favorite Solomonisms. It’s a different kind of question, isn’t it? And, once asked, it never fails to stop a person in their tracks. Why? Because as optimistic and upbeat as we’d like to think we are, we’re used to people finding fault before favor. It’s a cultural tendency and, might I add, a habit that would serve us to break. The question, “What’s right with you?” helps people open...
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How to Turn Your Unrealized Potential into Results You Can Be Proud of

IMG_1471 OR ... Why You Bought $14 B in Self-Help Books Last Year (and, for the most part, it was a waste) ‘Potential’ is a spring-loaded word: It either triggers fear or inspires action. Potent, sitting smack at the beginning of the word potential, means that something or someone has great power, influence or effect. Add three little letters (ial) and, curiously, potential becomes a diluted version of its root: It means possibility, capability, late...
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Integrity: When You Do What You Say You’re Going to Do

img-impact There are few days as celebratory as when I adopted both of my children. Yesterday wasn’t in that category but it was a close runner up in the special department. My first book, Impact! What Every Woman Needs to Know to Go From Invisible to Invincible! was born. As in, delivered. To Microsoft: A spectacular beginning for anyone or anything. The author (that would be me) was a tad late in delivering the final manuscript so, in order to get it...
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THE CONTRACT: When to Bill it? When to Bite it?

Oct04 Recently I had, shall we say, a ‘difference of opinion’ with my satellite television company (the one I won’t mention by name because my attorney warned me not to). Although I had a legitimate reason for canceling my service, they were unwilling to adjust or waive the $300 cancellation fee. Which brings me to a rant—Cable companies (or internet or cell phone or fill in the blank) who require you to: A. Hand over your first born child ...
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