3 BIG Reasons to Shamelessly Promote the Things That Are Important to You!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 12.18.40 PM I have an agenda today. It consists of three items: To show you that when you 'give', you get more than the recipients of your gifts ever will To persuade that you must invest in yourself wisely if you're to be the best version of you! (And to take a good, hard conscious look at the Authentic Business Success Summit, and all that this investment will give to you) To convince you that it's vital to your success and your life that you no...
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The Best Day to Make a Difference

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-broken-heart-image14093857     Let's begin with a bit of history... September 11th You know exactly where you were when you heard the news. You remember precisely how you felt… how you still feel. It was the day that the heart of the world cracked open. Nothing has been the same since. In fact, everything has radically intensified, hasn't it?  Have you noticed how much more drama there is in life? How life's polarities  have become more pronounced? How sim...
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What can this little parrot teach you about YOUR potential?

What can this little parrot teach you about YOUR potential? Prefer to listen? This is Zazu. He’s one of three new-born green-cheeked conures (small parrots) that we recently adopted. Zazu is only 5 weeks old and has already taught me a ton about how to realize potential. (I’ve never hand fed an animal before and am amazed at how much I learn in the 10 minutes it takes me.) Every day I watch these 2 oz. creatures evolve. Every day they do something they c...
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What Martin Luther King Jr. Knew About The Secret

sunshine Yesterday I was preparing to do a couple of guest spots on Seattle’s new SmartTalk radio program, Sunrise Seattle. In celebration of Martin Luther King Day, I’d proposed that we do the segment based on “I Have a Dream.” In preparation for the show I watched (for the twentieth time) Dr. King deliver his most renowned speech; the one that would prove to transform our nation (August 28, 1963). Once again, it transformed me. Watching it thi...
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We Are Just One Circumstance Away From Doing Anything

Potential to do Anything Prefer to listen? An MP3 download and Transcription are available at the end of this post. We are all just one circumstance away from doing anything. Every time I say that a few people vigorously shake their heads in a horizontal dance; “Not me!” they say. I would never steal a car. I would never jeopardize my family. I would never become addicted to drugs. I would never gamble away my life savings. But ...
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Are You Motivated Enough to Change What’s Not Working?

dreamstime_7353407 Prefer to listen? An MP3 download and Transcription are available at the end of this post. You’ve been bored in your job for five years. You’ve complained to your manager, HR, your friends, your colleagues and your mother. You have logged a total of 816 complaints; all having to do with how disrespected, unrecognized and underpaid you’ve been all these years. No one wants to listen to you anymore, but they don’t want...
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YOUR BRAND: When What They See is What They Get

dreamstime_5160160 Prefer to listen? An MP3 download and Transcription are available at the end of this post. This, in yesterday’s Huffington Post, regarding Steve Jobs CEO of Apple “The King of telling purposeful stories has temporarily left his throne without telling a story about the new leadership that gives confidence to the legions who have invested in his kingdom. As a result, many are abdicating his stock. Long before the news br...
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Passion or Profit?

dreamstime_5170283 copy I recently returned from an international women’s conference where I met with one of the nation’s top marketing strategists. During our meeting I outlined my current business objectives with her. The Cliff Notes version: I am utterly devoted to helping women empower themselves; to helping them step into their own unique style of leadership. When I signed up for the session it never occurred to me that the focus of my career was up for gra...
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My Ten Year Old Hero

dreamstime_3906741 copy I have a new hero. He’s very smart, funny, an exemplary role model, creative and cute to boot. He’s also 10 years old. Yes, Ben Weymiller is my kind of guy. Few people do things that are so outrageous, so bodacious, so ridiculously huge that it makes me stop, catch my breath and wonder if I, too, can have that kind of impact on the world. That’s what happened when I learned how Ben changed the world. It seems Ben had a big problem wit...
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